Modular Kitchen Bangalore: Factors To Consider When Designing A Modular Kitchen

Modular Kitchen Bangalore: Factors To Consider When Designing A Modular Kitchen

A modular kitchen is a kitchen that gives you many options when it comes to materials, designs and color. There are many designs that you can go with, but the most popular are: C-shape, parallel and L-shape. These designs save much of your space.  If you have large space, you should go for island style and U-shaped designs.

To come up with a great modular kitchen Bangalore design you need to consider a number of factors. These factors include:

Cabinet materials

There are many materials that you can use in your design. You can use wood, glass, stone and even steel. Of all materials, marine ply is the best. In addition to being easy to customize, it’s also resistant to water.

Solid wood is also beautiful and easy to customize, but it tends to rot when exposed to water for long. You also need to regularly clean and polish it to retain its good looks.

You can also install steel cabinets, but they tend to be expensive—you have to be operating on a large budget.


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Depth and height of cabinets

In addition to considering the materials that you use in designing the cabinets, you also need to consider the depth and height of the cabinets. As rule of thumb the cabinets should be in areas that are easy to reach.

When it comes to the drawer system, the drawers should be pull out. They are easy to open thus saving you time and energy. They also hold many items thus reducing clutter.

For the drawers to open easily and fully, install telescopic channels. You can also install hydraulic hinges that make it easy and smooth to open the shutters.

There are two main hinges that you can go with: 90 degree and 165 degree. The 90 degree hinges are ideal for regular cabinets while the 165 degree hinges are ideal for L-shaped designs.

To have an easy time working, have a countertop that can hold racks and trays. This is where you place oil, utensils, spices and other things that you use on a regular basis.

Shape of your kitchen

What is the shape of your kitchen? Your kitchen’s shape greatly determines the design of the kitchen. If you have a one wall kitchen go for an L-shaped kitchen. For a two wall kitchen, go for a U-shaped kitchen. Regardless of the design you go with ensure that you leave a beautiful and spacious working triangle.


Your budget is of great importance is it determines the materials, contractor, and size of kitchen that you have. You can have a modular kitchen on any budget. To help you with the budgeting, hire a modular kitchen contractor to help you out. To have an elegant kitchen, avoid slimming your budget too much.


These are the factors that you should consider when designing a modular kitchen. By putting the given tips into consideration you will not only have a beautiful kitchen, the kitchen will also be easy and safe to work in. For ideal results, work with a certified and experienced contractor.



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