Dear guest, we know you are very intelligent and
educated. And you have basic or full ideas about your interior decoration. However,
you may still have few common questions to go ahead with us. So you can get
answers of few common questions.

Few frequently asked questions.

How many project have you completed till now?

We have a huge amount of clients. We are doing interior work since 2004, so we couldn't count how many projects we have completed till now.

Can I see any of your completed project?

Of course, you can! We had completed numerous project within last few years.

Do you provide 3D designing?

Yes, we do.

Do you charge for 3D designing?

No, it's 100% free of cost.

I have few selected models in my mind; can you do the same job?

Certainly! we can do that. You can tell us your choice; we shall convert the same to reality.

Do you work in site or in factory?

We have both options.

Do i have to pay more money for factory finish?


I am staying out of Bangalore, But my flat is in Bangalore, can you handle my project?

Yeas we can do that. We did numerous international client's job. Who bought flat in Bangalore for investment purposes.

What type of materials do you use to make furniture's?

It's depending on client requirements. Normally we use- Plywood, Laminate (also known as sunmica), Veneer. We also use Rubberwood, Solid teak wood, Multi wood, MDF, Particleboard and membrane shutters.

What type of materials do you recommend?

For kitchen and other water effective areas, we always recommend BWP 710 Grade plywood. And others area’s the plywood should be ISI 303 certified MR grade plywood.

Is it very important to use branded company’s plywood?

Not really, we are not saying they are bad. But they are not worthy of the amount of money you are paying for. The branded companies- (Most popular- Green ply, Century ply), has spent a huge amount of money to create their brand value. And still they are spending too much money on the advertisement; that’s why they are very expansive, and few people are a fan of them. Another hand, you can get a better quality plywood for a much cheaper price than branded companies.

How long will it take to make my 2BHK flat wood work?

It's depending on the amount and design of work. Normally we take 20 to 25 days to complete full 2HBK interior wood works.

What is your rate for wood work?

We are extremely sorry; we can't tell you the rate like that. We must physically visit your site to provide you an estimate.

If I send you my flat floor plan, then can you provide me a rough estimate?

Yeah, we can do that. But only a "rough estimate" there are numerous things has to be discussed before we begin. So if you want to get a clear idea and a detailed estimate then we must physically visit your site.

Do I have to pay for site visiting or for any consultation?

No, it’s totally free of cost. We can visit your flat/house and give you free advice and estimate of your house interior work.

I am/ we are impressed, how to start?

Dear guest, we are so glad to know you are interested in our service. To go ahead with us you can post your requirement on our "Contact" page or you can call us 9663139538 or 9876288088 to get a quick response.

Couldn't find your answer?

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