Best Interior Designers In Bangalore: Common Interior Design Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Best Interior Designers In Bangalore: Common Interior Design Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Do you want to give your house a perfect look? Avoid making these interior design mistakes:

Over-furnishing the room

Having many possessions comes with a sense of pride and you want to display them for the world to see, but you shouldn’t do this in your house. When placing your furniture only place the one that you need.

You should leave enough space for people to move easily. Sometimes the room may feel cramped not because of having a lot of furniture, but because of poor arrangement. If you find that you don’t have room to even place your feet, try rearranging the furniture and see what works.

Just like you should avoid over-furnishing your house you should also avoid over-accessorizing it. While accessories improve the look of your house, you should be cautious of how you use them. Placing them at the wrong place can make your house look disorganized and cluttered.

When accessorizing your house, always remember that less is better. To have an easy time hire interior designers in Bangalore to help you decide what is right and wrong.

Best Interior Designers In Bangalore

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Hanging art pieces without a plan

Art pieces are expensive and when homeowners buy them they think that they simply need to place them in their houses and everything will be alright. While some of the homeowners create a good look, most of the times it’s usually out of chance.

Before you hang the arts, take your time and place them on the floor and see how they fit together. When hanging them, avoid hanging them too high.  A great way of knowing the right place to hang them is observing the rule of thirds. Hang them 2/3 the way up the wall.

Since you are buying the units to be seen, hang them in areas where they can be seen by majority of the people.

Inadequate lighting

For your house to be fresh and maneuverable, ensure that it has as much natural light as possible. This calls for you to eliminate curtains and accessories that might block natural light from getting into the house.

If you don’t have enough windows in the house, enhance natural light by installing mirrors directly across the light source.

To light up the room at night you need to have overhead lighting. You should create layered lighting by having more than one light source. To be safe, the light should be bright enough to allow you to execute your functions without any problems and at the same time it shouldn’t be jarring.

Ignoring scale

Different houses have different sizes. What you see in a friend’s house may not work in your house. Homeowners make the mistake of buying furnishings that are either too big or too small for their rooms which gives a disproportional look.

Before you head to the stores, take your time to measure the space that each piece will take. To give your house room, leave enough space for movement.


The key to avoid making the above mistakes is hiring an interior designer. As rule of thumb ensure that you work with the best interior designers in Bangalore.


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