Bedroom Interior: Interior Design Tricks For Small Bedrooms

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Bedroom Interior:  Interior Design Tricks For Small Bedrooms

We all dream of having large bedrooms with large showers and plenty of space, but this is not always the case. If you have a small bedroom, you shouldn’t worry about it. Here are simple interior design tricks that will help you make the small bedroom the best room in the house:

Make it warm and cozy

The primary function of the bedroom is to sleep. To enjoy a good sleep the room needs to be warm of cozy.  To make this possible use warm colors such as: red, brown, gold, and terracottas. It’s also wise that you throw in pillows, table coverings, and layered drapes.

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Keep it open and airy

Since the room is small, you need to allow in plenty of light and air. This not only makes the room fresh, it also creates the illusion of more space.

In the bid of making the room appear larger, use lighter colors such as: purple, green and blue.

When it comes to curtains and shades, keep them simple. The only thing you need to do is ensure that they allow enough light into the room.

Use simple colors in the room. If you have to use more than one color, ensure that the patterns are simple.

Mirrors play a vital role in making your room look big. Install them in the closet and any other place that you find necessary.

To avoid overwhelming the room, use a simple bed. For example, use a simple steel bed.

Make use of smart storage

Every space matters and you should make maximum use of the available. To get rid of clutter in the room, make use of all the available space.

If your bed can allow it, install bed drawers where you can put your shoes and bags. If buying a new bed, buy a storage bed. This is a bed that maximizes space under the bed by eliminating the need for a box spring.

Also maximize the use of the closet space. You can do this by installing a second hanging rod. You can also install a shelf above each hanging rod.

Making every item in the room serve double duty will help you save space. In addition to just placing a lampshade on the bedside table, also consider using it as additional storage space. You can store socks and underwear in the drawers.

Go slow on accessories

Accessories add personal style to a room and it’s good to use them in your small bedroom, but keep it simple. When placing any accessory consider the scale of the room. As rule of thumb never place any item that is larger than the room. Some of the best accessories that you can use are simple framed photographs and artwork.

The same rule applies to the furniture you use. If you have to install a sofa, ensure that it’s up to scale with the room.


There is no reason you can’t create a big, cozy bedroom in your tiny bedroom. To have an easy time, work with an experienced interior designer.



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