We all are know “Heart” is most important part of human body, like that- “Kitchen” is a most important part of a home. So your kitchen has to be very beautiful and useful. But the question is how? don’t worry, we will explain how you to make your modular kitchen more beautiful, useful and durable within a limited budget. Because we know how to make good Modular Kitchen. We manufacture best quality modular kitchens Bangalore.

Modular Kitchen Bangalore
A High glossy laminate finish Modular Kitchen

You have to take a look on few things to make a good Modular Kitchen Bangalore

  1. Materials of your modular kitchen
  2. Design of your Kitchen
  3. Finishing and colours of kitchen

1.Materials of your modular kitchen

Materials of your modular kitchen is the most important thing. There are several type of materials available to make a modular kitchen Bangalore like- Ply wood, MDF, Solid teak wood, Rubber wood, Multi wood etc.

Nowadays in Bangalore most popular material is ‘Plywood’. People are  using plywood to make their modular kitchen Bangalore. We are also recommend to use ply wood.

But what type of Plywood should i use for my kitchen?

Well……We strongly recommend to use 710 BWP grade (Boiling Water Proof, also known as Marine ply) plywood to use in kitchen base part.

And you can use MR Grade (Moisture Resistance Grade, also known as commercial ply) ply for middle part and upper part (loft) of your kitchen.

Which type of hardware should use?

We recommend you to use Hettich or Ebco hardware

2.Design of your Kitchen

Another important thing is design of you kitchen. The kitchen Design is depending on the layout of your kitchen.  So if you have basic idea to design your kitchen, then you can design your kitchen as your own. If you don’t have any idea, then lets do the job to our designers for free of cost.

3.Finishing and colours of kitchen

Finishing means  the outer materials of the kitchen. So which materials is good?

Nowadays most popular is High glossy laminate finish Modular Kitchen. You can use Merino MR+ or Century Laminate for your kitchen. These company’s laminates has a very rich look, High durability and great popularity. You can also have deco paint finish or Acrylic finish kitchen, but that’s  expansive than laminate.

You have one more option for outer finish of  you modular kitchen, that is “membrane shutter”. Finishing of membrane shutter is very good. But that one is not a waterproof material. So membrane shutter is not a good choice.

Colours means i am talking about the kitchen shutter colours and kitchen wall colours. If your kitchen is very smaller, then you should use any light colour for your kitchen shutters and kitchen walls.